It really is interesting how life seems to always work itself out. Despite entering most After Event lotteries since joining this hobby nearly 10 years ago I have never won a single one - for which I am thankful for! It seems whenever it’s time for emails to be sent something unexpected always comes up, whether hobby related or otherwise, that has me hoping to not win. And so I became very, very good at not winning.

Andre is the first After Event doll where I had the thought “I would like to win, if possible” and to my absolute shock, I did! I will happily await the arrival of this new child!


A few days ago I decided to try what I had begun to consider Percivals default wig, a Volks W-171D in Smokybeige, on Elias. For the most part it was a reaction to mounting frustrations with other wigs that I had tried on him but the outcome was refreshing in a few different ways.


I’ll admit it, Elias was a total impulse purchase. It wasn’t until a friend, @keicai, began posting their beautiful boys Atlas and Orion that I succumbed to temptation. The downside of this was that I had absolutely nothing prepared or planned for Elias’ arrival. So while Ikaru, Percival, and even Poem had a plethora of outfits to choose from, Elias was forced into Banthus’ wardrobe of elegant gothic aristocrat.


I had never intended for anyone but Banthus to dress in EGA but I got swept up in what should have been a temporary look - it’s always easier to branch out then to start from scratch - and found myself purchasing snow white wigs and fantasy inspired eyes solely with Elias in mind. It was driving me crazy! This wasn’t my normal doll styling at all! So when I finally, finally received a pair of SD17 sized pants in the mail I couldn’t get them on Elias fast enough and the change in outfit prompted the change in wigs.


It’s like he’s gone from this stranger to someone that fits seamlessly into the rest of my collection. Of course, not I need to figure out what to do about Percival having his wig stolen! This hobby really is never ending!


Last weekend two of my Dollfie arrived home from their make up artist. This is probably the fastest turn around time I’ve experienced in the hobby when it comes to make up, with both heads taking just over a month to be sent back.


I fall more and more in love with the SeiTenshi every time I see his cute, blushing face. I never expected myself to fall quite as hard as I have for him what with him being an impulse purchase. Until that moment I never thought I'd ever even own a SeiTenshi! Sadly I'm not quite as sold on the F-46 yet. His lopsided mouth really draws my eyes to it and I think I'll take some time to decide if he'll be staying in the house or not.


Back in march I contacted @worldruined about ordering two custom pairs of hand knit socks and I’m terribly excited to receive my order!


There’s a real difference in feeling between wearing sock and not wearing them. But actually finding suitable socks, especially for male Dollfie, is surprisingly difficult. So when I stumbled across Worldruinds Etsy shop, Wool Strung, I was quick to contact them. If you're at all interested in getting socks for your Dollfies I cannot suggest checking out Wollstrung's shop enough! The knits are so perfectly clean and in-scale. I know I'll definitely be buying more in the near future!


Percival has been modeling them since they arrived, and although Ikaru is currently wearing long pants I'll eventually wrangle him into the second pair as well.