I don't think I've ever properly introduced Elias. September of last year I purchased him from a Yahoo!Japan seller and welcomed him home in early October. Thanks to other owners I already knew how gorgeous his face would be, but seeing it in person is really something else!

I originally intended for him to wear street clothes like Ikaru, Percival, and Poem, but somehow he ended up commandeering Banthus' clothing while he's without a body.

With the edition of white hair and black horns his looks became quite lordly. I really love subtle fantasy looks like horns or elf ears so I was happy to be able to finally try them on someone.


I've always thought this after briefly owning the SD13 version, but Williams is fun to photograph. Unlike many sculpts which take familiarity and practice to photograph well, I feel like Williams doesnt have any bad angles! I can see why he became such a popular doll.