Friday, September 16, 2016


Today's arrival is an exciting one! I've been looking at this doll for several months, and even bid on one several times on Yahoo!Japan, but the auctions tended to go for much more than I had budgeted at the time.

After a few auction failures I decided to place a proxy order at Sato for him - Nakita definitely kicked my butt in gear with her F-62 - in late September. I had all the funds set aside and was just waiting for the proxy to get back into contact with me.

Unfortunately after several weeks of waiting my proxy lost contact, but a few days later a one-off version appeared at auction. I was so sure that I'd fail to win it, the same as ever other F-57, but surprisingly not only did I win but at a much, much lower price than an FCS order would have run me!

So without any further rambling, here's the newest boy to join my doll family, F-57!

I had plans to wipe him and get a similar face up as Ikaru's, but after playing with him a bit I'm satisfied with it. The only real issue, I think, is the lack of bottom lashes. Which does look a bit odd next to Ikaru's rather dramatic ones.

What I find most interesting about it is that the artist clearly attempted to give him some facial hair on his chin, but either decided against it or didn't want to make it too dramatic for people who don't like that look. It's nearly impossible to see in the photos here though.

Have I mentioned yet that I love how he looks with Ikaru? (´,,•ω•,,)♡ Geez, I fall in love with these boys all over again every time I look at them. I really feel like I've finally hit on the aesthetic that I've been trying to reach since buying Ikaru in 2012.

I've been thinking about keeping the same naming theme that Ikaru has. That is, being named after Japanese birds (Ikaru is named for the Japanese Grosbeak), but I'm also a bit hesitant to give my dolls too many Japanese names.

Witching - Banthus - Ikaru - F57
The arrival of F-57 has gotten me rethinking about my current collection. I was due to ship out my Williams head for a new faceup this week, but now I'm seriously considering if he really has a place within my doll family. Doubly so with that addition of Pearl in Volks USA's upcoming FCS. Witching unfortunately has been another one that I've been sizing up.

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  1. Congrats on the arrival! I'm always so happy to see people get their dolls after trying so much, very well deserved and he is gorgeous! love your doll collection ��