Tuesday, May 24, 2016


I was able to win an Airy Wolf wig off Y!J a few months ago mostly thanks to a buy it now option. Considering how much previous auctions for them have gone for I think I got of pretty lucky with how much I paid.

I was going to have it as a semi-permanent look for Veser but after trying it on Ikaru he really stole my heart with the way it looks on him. I did also purchase a W-140D in a recent VolksUSA order so I'll have to see how that compares to the Airy Wolf when it arrives.

Before getting him all styled up I also fixed Ikarus eye positioning. I think Amakusa's look really good glancing to the side rather than straight forward. It definitely has nothing to do with the fact that every time I try to make Ikaru look forwards he turns out cross eyed, nope.

I can't express how happy I am to finally own one of CoCoon's fox boas either! I've spent literal years admiring CoCoon's work. Her, along with Silver Butterfly, were some of the first people in the doll community to inspire me to get into ball-jointed dolls in the first place. I just love their aesthetics, and they  made me realize that there was more to BJD then the faux leather and gothic styles that were predominant when I joined.

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